Age of Magic is our first mid-core game that has carved out a notable place in the industry and won the hearts of millions of players. One of the reasons for such success is that we really pay attention to the details and believe that all elements should be of high quality.

For this, it's crucial that our virtual world operates stably and reliably, and this stability largely depends on excellent QA engineers who help us maintain user interest in the game release after release.

Position at

Here's what we'll entrust them with

  • Testing new features and content updates for Age of Magic.
  • Dive deep into creating and refining testing documentation.
  • Spot, report, and keep an eye on bug fixes using our task tracker.
  • Engage actively with the project team, spanning from fellow QAs and developers to game designers, artists, and support agents.
  • The freedom to shape the product and processes you work on.

The person we're looking for

  • Has at least 2 years of experience testing mobile applications (iOS/Android),Bonus points if you have experience in mobile game testing.
  • Has worked with TestRail or similar systems.
  • Is proficient in creating clear test documentation, as well as in updating and improving it.
  • Understands the specifics of client-server architecture.
  • Loves games.

What we offer

  • A position in a well-established international company on a thriving project with a team of strong professionals.
  • Flexible work setup: whether you prefer coming to the office, working from home, or a hybrid of the two, the choice is yours.
  • Relocation to Serbia, or Cyprus, or another destination upon our mutual agreement. In addition, our relocation support program and assistance in paperwork and securing residence if you choose to work from our locations.
  • A supportive team always ready to help and share knowledge.
  • Transparency culture: the progress and success of our projects are open for all team members to see.
  • Competitive salary, reviewed every 6 months based on market trends and your performance.
  • Full pay during sick leaves and personal leaves, in addition to 20 working days of vacation annually.
  • Flexible benefits: an annual $1000 to spend on perks, including health insurance, sports, therapy, education, and language classes.

QA Engineer

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