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Frontend developer (TS/JS)

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SuperCity is a project that holds significant importance for Playkot in every aspect. Throughout its history, the game has undergone three art updates, transitioned from Flash to HTML5, revamped gameplay, and expanded onto new platforms. And now, we are embarking on a new technical transformation—this time with TypeScript. What's next? :)

Currently, our team is seeking a talented Front-end Developer who will continue to uphold high-quality standards. If you love games as much as we do and want to be involved in the maintenance and development of our flagship title, "SuperCity," then join us!

Position at


  • Optimize and improve the quality of client-side code.
  • Work on medium to large-scale product features, initially in AS and later in TS.
  • Participate in the migration of project code from AS to TS.
  • Work on performance enhancements.
  • Collaborate with QA in troubleshooting user issues.

Our ideal candidate

  • Has a minimum of 3 years of experience working with AS/TS.
  • Understands and comprehends the client-side and client-server interactions.
  • Applies OOP principles and is familiar with Design Patterns.
  • Can work with version control systems, especially Git.
  • Can find efficient solutions to tasks within time constraints.

It would be great if you also have

  • Experience working with one of the HTML5 game engines (PixiJS, Cocos2d, Phaser).
  • Experience working with Flash (AS, Stage3D, Adobe Animate/Photoshop).
  • Experience developing games and/or applications for social networks.

What we offer

  • An opportunity to work from anywhere in the world or in our office in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Relocation program and assistance with documentation and visas.
  • A competitive salary that is reviewed every six months based on performance and market analysis.
  • 100% salary pay during sick leave and vacation.
  • 28 days of vacation yearly, and, upon request, the local holidays calendar.
  • Everything you need for growth and development: tools, modern technologies, new areas of responsibility, and an epic team that is here to share their knowledge.
  • Open statistics, including information on the earnings of our games.
  • A preference for decision-making over bureaucracy.
  • Professional education, internal meetups, participation in conferences, discounts on learning English and consultations with psychologists.
  • Having a good time. We love esports, quests, hackathons, games in Discord, DnD, big parties, and just tea gatherings online — distance is not an obstacle.

Frontend developer (TS/JS)

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