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SuperCity is our pride and joy here, at Playkot — it marked the beginning of our long journey in game development and established us as experts in the casual gaming world. Twelve years on SuperCity isn’t just surviving; it’s thriving and evolving, upscaling with new features, reaching new platforms and going through major technological changes. SuperCity contributes 30% to our total revenue and has a solid fan base in the US, Canada and Western Europe.

We're embarking on a bold mission to make SuperCity the best web-based game. One of our major objectives right now is to establish monetization and in-game economy as a distinct growth direction for our game. Which is why we're looking for a Game Producer who can lead the process within the team and elevate the in-game economy to new heights, driving SuperCity to sustainable long-term growth.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Design and implement a long-term strategy for the sustainable game economy development.
  • Define and prioritize key objectives and outcomes, contributing to roadmap planning and execution.
  • Manage and refine in-game resource cycles ensuring scalability and flexibility.
  • Establish and optimize content distribution chains within the game to secure positive ROI.
  • Lead and mentor a strong team of skillful professionals including game designers, product managers and analysts.
  • Upgrade and maintain the design of our monitoring system with the help of data analysts to identify and leverage potential growth and enhancement areas for the product.

Our Perfect Candidate

  • Has an experience in product development, contributing to a successful project that showed significant growth in key product metrics in fields such as game development, fintech, banking, or apps based on daily user interaction.
  • Possesses experience in long-term strategic planning and execution.
  • Shows a thorough understanding of product metrics and therefore is ready to take the responsibility as a principal stakeholder in product development
  • Demonstrates solid skills in team development and leadership.

What We Offer

  • The flexibility to work from anywhere globally or from one of our offices in Serbia or Cyprus.
  • A relocation package coupled with support in paperwork and securing residence in countries where our offices are located.
  • A dynamic team eager to assist and share knowledge.
  • Culture of transparency: the progress and success of our projects are open for all team members to see.
  • Competitive salary, reviewed regularly in line with market trends and individual performance.
  • Full pay during sick leaves and vacations.
  • Comprehensive health insurance, sports facilities, educational courses, subscriptions, psychological counseling, opportunities for learning any foreign languages, and access to coworking spaces as part of our exclusive 'Benefit Pass' program.

Game Economy Producer

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