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Spring Valley is on the rise, setting exciting records and expanding its horizon. We're excited to enter the Chinese market this fall, but we're not stopping there. We have many more big ideas up our sleeves!

Designing new and thrilling levels is at the heart of our mission. We need every adventure in our game to be memorable. And for that, we're on the hunt for more talented individuals to join our dynamic team.
Why join us? Two reasons at least.

  • We encourage creativity and trust you to make decisions.
  • We take pride in having one of the best level editors in the world.

If you've got experience as a Level Designer, especially on similar projects, we'd love to chat!

Key Responsibilities

  • Crafting the entire process of developing expeditions.
  • Preparing and aligning expedition concepts with our high-level game plan.
  • Designing the gameplay experience, including mapping out how players progress, managing game difficulty, and determining the order of game mechanics.
  • Setting up visual guides for the art team and working with Unity to design and adjust game levels.
  • Collaborating with our analytics team to ensure the best player experience.

You're Our Perfect Game-changer If…

  • You have a minimum of one year's experience as a Level Designer.
  • You've actively worked on Adventure projects, particularly during their LiveOps stages.
  • You are familiar with Unity (experience here would be advantageous).
  • You possess a thorough understanding of casual games, with a focus on adventures.

What’s in it for you

  • The flexibility to work from anywhere globally or from one of our offices, be it in Serbia or Cyprus.
  • A relocation package coupled with support in paperwork and securing residence if you choose to work from our locations.
  • A dynamic, collaborative team ever-ready to exchange insights.
  • Transparent stats, including data on our games' revenues.
  • Competitive salary, reviewed every 6 months based on market trends and your performance.
  • Full pay during sick leaves and vacations.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance, sports memberships, educational courses, psychological counseling, language learning schools, and co-working space rentals as part of our exclusive ‘BenefitPass’ program.

Level designer

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