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One of Playkot's most successful projects is, of course, Age of Magic. For us, this is not "just another RPG", but our unique IP with its own universe, history, and cool dark fantasy-style art. AoM was in the top 50 on the Chinese market in the AppStore, has been named "Game of the Day" in various locations, and now generates about 50% of the company's revenue, but there is still much more to achieve.

We are looking for a creative producer who will take on a challenging but exciting quest: to review the current marketing strategy and scale traffic acquisition using creatives. If you have already worked in a similar role in game development and are looking for a truly great project where you can realize your potential — let us know and we will be happy to meet you!

Position at

You’ll be responsible for:

  • creating a creative marketing strategy for the product;
  • market analysis and monitoring of competitors;
  • full support of the creative production process, all the way from writing a brief to analyzing the results;
  • communicating the vision for creatives to the team, tracking implementation, and providing timely feedback on tasks.

Our future colleague:

  • has already worked as a creative producer in game development companies;
  • has a deep understanding of the creative component of the mobile advertising market as a whole;
  • understands the specifics of placements and formats of the main channels;
  • has sufficient expertise in every stage of creative production;
  • is able to express their thoughts with clarity and communicate knowledge within the team.

The best things we have:

  • the opportunity to work with a world hit and directly influence its metrics and profit;
  • top specialists in the creative team and a huge database of creative materials to help you bring the boldest ideas to life;
  • a real chance to experiment with approaches, introduce your own hypotheses, and test them;
  • anything you need for growth and development — modern tools and technologies, professional training, and new areas of responsibility;
  • an epic team ready to help and share their knowledge;
  • our preference for decision-making over bureaucracy;
  • open statistics, including earnings of our games;
  • we are not a game conveyor — people do matter for us.

What we offer:

  • a decent salary that only depends on your skills and experience;
  • relocation to Serbia or another country of your choice — we'll agree on the location with the team to make sure it works best for everyone considering the time zones. We support you at every stage of the move: we pay a cash bonus, reimburse the cost of tickets, and if you choose Serbia, we take care of all document processing for you;
  • freedom of choice: work from our cozy office in Belgrade, work from home, or travel the world — you get to decide what’s best for you;
  • 14 days of sick leave without loss of pay annually and sick days without paperwork sick leave several times a year;
  • 28 days of vacation, and, upon request, the local holidays calendar.


  • we take care of your health. We have co-finance program for consultations with a psychologist and psychotherapist from our partners, and you can choose a comfortable option for medical insurance;
  • we improve our English: we form groups of different levels and provide them with a corporate discount for lessons at online language school;
  • we love having a good time. We love esports, quests, hackathons, games in Discord, DnD, big parties, and just tea gatherings online — distance is not an obstacle.

Senior Creative Producer

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