A place where people with passion for games turn their ideas into life.

All is revealed! Early sketches, an excessive interest in sport and the team that made a hit game - this all makes up the history of our longest living project.
Age of Magic
Heroes do battle on the remnants of an ancient magical world. Playkot’s latest entry in mobile RPG genre.
A short history of creating a world in 7 (almost) days, for the most technically advanced of our strategy games. The sea, palm trees and an aggressive, militarised Cartel set the scene.
2 150 000 players
Creating a world in 7 days
Huge humanoid robots fighting each other on the ashes of civilization. What’s more to ask?
2 280 000 players
The story behind Titans
How we live
Marina Lapaeva
Desk Tops
We stroll round the office and ask our colleagues to tell us about the interesting items on their desks.
Ivan Grigoriev
Playing tabletop games
The guys invite us to a Warhammer game and tell us how tabletop games became an office pastime.

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