Heroes do battle on the remnants of an ancient magical world. Playkot’s latest entry in mobile RPG genre.
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Heroes do battle on the remnants of an ancient magical world. Playkot’s latest entry in mobile RPG genre.
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It begins

Character creation

The shards of an ancient world became home to the most unusual of creatures. We thoroughly describe the origin, character and motivation of  every hero before our artists start designing their appearance.

Circle Glowing Loader

The Arekhonian blood mage

Most of the mages carrying out the ritual to grant all Arekhonians immortality perished in a soul-consuming madness. Those few who achieved their goal still now wield colossal power. Their only objective is to spill as much blood as possible for their abominable gods.

Royal sands
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Troddar Shieldbearer

One of the legendary shieldbearers of the Dwarf Empire’s heavy infantry. Encased in the thickest of armour from head to foot, these soldiers epitomize the tenacity and resilience of their kin.

RaArkhne caves
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Raarspits are a special breed of Ra’Archne soldiers that specialize in long-range attacks. Their deadly venom more than compensates for their weak defense.

50 heroes in the game

The representatives of 12 factions clash in deadly battles in the arenas of a dying world.


The game is set in a dying magical world. The countless shards, inhabited by the creatures who survived the cataclysm, smolder in the starlit void. Players make their way across the shards, collecting heroes and battling hideous monsters.

Hall of Kings

Even now, when the Empire is ruined and the Dwarf Kings’ palace is haunted by shadows of the past, the appearance of the majestic and mighty throne room gives a thrill to occasional wanderers, who came here coincidentally.

Valley of the guardians

Here once raged the mage wars which caused the cataclysm. Giant ancient war machines, the Guardians, tried to stand against the madmen destroying the world but failed. Since then, the Guardians have been dispersed across the valley.

Stellar Lake

The icy Stellar Lake is refuge to the legendary white dragon Venrius. Blanketed in ice, he slumbers on the lake’s bed, awaiting the fulfillment of a prophecy — the day when a great hero claims and plays the Twilight Horn.

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