Playkot Culture Code

Since Playkot was born in 2009, our staff have always crowdsourced and crafted a worklife compass.

It keeps us on track and on great terms. It helps us stay adaptable, yet capable of uniform decision-making.

When worklife meets love of games

The higher and further your ambitions are taking you, the more important it is to be with others who share the same goals, skills and talent. If you want to reach the dazzling snowy peaks of your career, you’ll need to be hiking up there with the right people.

Colleagues who share interests, drives and goals are great support and fun to be around. Being on the same wavelength helps get work done better and faster, meaning the goals are achieved sooner too.

At Playkot we enjoy getting the job done. We've made an art of it, driven by our love of games.


In our world, it all starts with a game‑changing idea.
Nail that, and everything else just falls into place.


Understand player reactions, engage with them, learn about their needs, and give them what they love.

Craft a Stellar Gaming Experience

Spectacular gameplay hinges on the quality of our decisions at each level: from swift game loading to captivating art styles, and attentive customer support agents.

Be one with the Player

Measure just how amazing our players' experience is by  playing plenty of games. Want to really feel the ;value of an in-game offer? Buy it and try it! Walk a mile in a player's smartphone, take it all in, assess, make changes that make smiles.

Build long-lasting relationships with players

Draw them into our universes and maintain that connection for years to come: encourage socialization, creative initiatives, and discover new ways to be in touch with our players.


It's no secret that producing jaw-dropping results isn't a walk in the park. It takes perseverance and passion. People who can pour their heart into their work are vital: that's the spark Playkot looks for and we're dedicated to fanning that flame with full professional support and inspiration.

Mutual respect

Everyone has the right to think differently and express their point of view openly and honestly. While we do reward individual excellence, we just don't encourage prima donna excesses.

Say "No" to Internal Competition

We compete with other companies, but not within Playkot. Rivalry between teams isn't constructive – it drains energy instead of multiplying it. We've arranged teams so that doesn't become a distraction.

Arrive, observe, triumph

Outstanding games are built on strong personal motivation. We seek those who don't need to be pushed to excel - when we're all aligned in the same direction, everyone goes much further.

We need people that care about what's happening around them. Who don't sweep problems under the rug and instead voice them, even if it's uncomfortable and requires effort. See an elephant in the room that needs getting back to the savanna? Take the initiative, get involved, get it sorted.

Power Up Your Growth

As the company grows, so do the challenges. As tasks become more demanding, we need new leaders to step up and get us through. It's vital that people grow with the company and unleash their potential.

Grow and Evolve

We provide a supportive environment brimming with resources. If you've got the ambition, we've got a helping hand.

Listen and give honest feedback

World-class gamers watch their own replays and ask others to judge their playstyle to stay on top. Seek and accept feedback from colleagues, go for one-on-ones with your manager to evaluate and improve your performance. Honest, insightful assessment is rocket fuel for your career.

Climb higher

Taking new responsibilities unlocks potential: look for more exciting and significant tasks and explore new areas to apply your skills. At Playkot there are always opportunities to level up.

Empower others to grow

If you and your work help people around you grow, that makes you a hero in our book. Be a catalyst for the professional growth of those around you by mentoring, offering guidance, and sharing your knowledge. Encourage them to take on new challenges and responsibilities that will take them where they want to go. By helping others flourish, we guarantee our own success.

Forge a Strong Team

Strong individuals attract other strong individuals but there's more to a powerful team than that. A unifying goal and harmony is what makes a group of strong individuals a powerful team.

Harness the Power of Synergy

Some extraordinary achievements can only be accomplished as a team. By drawing from diverse perspectives, we create a more accurate picture of reality, and in doing so, discover sturdier solutions.

Demand Excellence

Great expectations make for great results and mutually high standards make for lighter work. When we can depend on colleagues to bring their best, we know it's worth giving it our all.

Prioritize Expertise

In decision-making discussions, it's not someone’s formal status that matters but their proven expertise and experience. That means even the CEO’s opinion will be given the same proportional level of consideration as their expertise on the topic.

Collaborate to Innovate

By exchanging expertise between teams and within them, we can repurpose existing solutions and move forward more swiftly. Plus you'll never feel like you're alone with an impossible challenge.

Own the success

If you’re in the company, you are the company.
As the company reaches new heights, so will you.

Champion Collective Triumphs

Ultimately, a company's overall results depend entirely on how well its employees interact. In the perfect team, every member is essential for success. Victory or defeat belongs to everyone: if we develop incredible games, your personal success will follow suit.

Stay Goal-Driven

When faced with the seemingly impossible, discover alternative options. In choosing between adhering to a process and achieving a result, always pick the latter.

Own It

We organize work so that each decision has a single accountable person: they initiate diverse team discussions, and ultimate authority and responsibility lie with them. This structure allows everyone to own their contribution to the final result.

Risk It for the Biscuit

Mistakes lose their sting when you can openly admit, analyze, and learn from them. To innovate and create something truly extraordinary, we need to embrace bold decisions and calculated risks, where the potential rewards surpass possible losses.

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