Referral Program

Refer to Playkot


Help us find and recruit new professional talents and get a reward.

The recommendation is valid for one year since the day of application. As long as we have not been in contact with the person in the last year and we hire them within the next 12 months, the bonus is yours.

Even if we don’t have a suitable position on our job list at the moment, and even if the candidate is not looking for another job, you can still share your reference: we’d love to connect with an IT and gamedev professional for the future.

You can also recommend someone even if you don’t know them personally, such as an impressive conference speaker or a pro you follow on social media.

Refer to Playkot

Feel free to tell us a little bit more about your candidate. Say, what position do you recommend them for? What is their professional level? What projects have they worked on? Anything else we need to know about them would do.


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