All the best things we’ve got at Playkot, all on one page (except our games).
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The best things
we've got
Make a real contribution to the game that will top the charts
Colleagues who regularly exceed your expectations
Make a feature today — get feedback from 300,000 players tomorrow
Easy decisions. We say «no» to bureaucracy
The team of professionals willing to share their experience
Open statistics including earnings on our games
We value awesomeness. Make cool things and become our hero!
This is not a game factory. People matter here
  • Work in progress
    Please keep your voice down and use Slack for questions.
  • But when will it ship?
    Monthly report about our results and plans. Inconvenient questions are welcome.
  • Vision-driven, data-informed
    Free access to internal stats helps us keep up with what's happening on our projects.
  • D20 roll
    A special library dedicated to classic pen and paper RPG's.
  • For the Emperor!
    As soon as the sun goes down, this meeting room hosts battles between the forces of Chaos and the Space Marines.
  • Storm coming
    It's so much better to appreciate the (sometimes) fierce Northern weather from a safe distance.
Join us at Playkot
We're hiring great people.

If you are really talented at what you do, and possess a set of skills which would help us create better gaming experience for our players, just send your CV to and explain briefly what you are good at and which position you could potentially be a great fit for.

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