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Huge humanoid robots battle each other amidst the smouldering ruins of civilization! Hereʼs the story of how every little boyʼs dream game became a reality.

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The beginning

It all began in 2057, with the discovery of a fallen meteorite, later named “The Great One”. There was nothing really great about it though. Just a regular meteorite, hurtling towards Earth.

As usual, there were predictions of a coming apocalypse and the tabloids gleefully ran with this topic. But despite the meteorite's gargantuan size and acute trajectory of its entry into Earth's atmosphere, there was no major collision. The Meteorite blazed through the sky and finally exploded high above the Siberian Taiga.

At first glance, it seem the meteorite was only a huge lump of rock. In actual fact it was more like a living organism. Deep in its core was a thermonuclear reaction and soon at ground zero, “offshoots” off the Meteorite began to appear — the Monoliths.


A militarised corporation which was the first to extract T-Mineral from the Monoliths on an industrial scale. It reached the peak of its power in 2120 when it became the last standing empire on a dying planet.

High Command

Leads the resistance against ARMA. Operation HQ finances the production of mobile bases and recruits new troops to carry out partisan raids in ARMA-controlled territory.


An autonomous complex which refines resources, manufactures war robots and maintains living conditions for the personnel.

Mobile HQ

The heart of the base. Sustains all the other base structures. Requires constant modernization to keep developing the base.


The robot design was done by a ship-building engineer. That's why they look so realistic. Well, as far as 20-metre tall humanoid robots can be realistic.

A model in the editor

This was the team's first project with 3D game objects. The 3D production pipeline had to be created from scratch.

Frame by frame

The game engine, however, remained two dimensional so to create a sense of volume, we rendered the animations frame by frame. Those frame sequences were later combined in the game.

Initial robot model

      Post-processing makes the robots look as natural and realistic as possible in their surroundings.

      Heavy robots

      The pride and core of any assault squad. They have maximum level firepower and can turn any other mech into a smouldering wreck. However, these robots lack manoeuvrability and can't be used effectively in rush attacks.

      Light robots

      Most useful in quick recon missions or diversionary ops. High speed and great manoeuvrability protect them from enemy fire.

      Medium robots

      A good balance of speed, firepower and armour make these robots a good choice for almost any kind of mission. These machines are often modified to be fitted with rare or experimental weapons.

      the preloader
      Stage 1

      We start by selecting a robot model and an appropriate angle.

      Stage 2

      We choose a setting. In this case, a battle in the city streets.

      Stage 3

      We assemble the appropriate surroundings from photographs.

      Stage 4

      We adjust the foreground using post-processing.

      Stage 5

      We add fire, smoke and explosions and also cover up any bad patches.

      Stage 6

      We do the final colour correction. The preloader is good to go!

      Up to any task

      Robots are a mobile chassis for carrying weapons. Players can get creative to make the optimal war machines for their squads.

        • A3-9 “Bezerker”

        • Dynamic Armour

        • BP-4 “Vengeance”

        • WH-7 “Annihilator”

        • RL-17 “Fury”

        • Dynamic Armour

        • Dynamic Armour

        • AGM-1 “Enigma”

        • RL “Judgement Day”

        • Photon Shield

        • TP-M “Aeris”

        • UD-4 “Vulcan”

        • NMS-16 “Spiderweb”

        • Dynamic Armour

        • HMG “Scythe”

      • Armor
      • Shield
      • Damage
      • Distance
      • Weight
      Team of comrades

      The player can rely on a loyal team to help in the fight against ARMA and their mercenaries. They're the best in their fields and can advise how to assemble a deadly squad and an impenetrable base.


      An Iron Lady who keeps a close eye on the base. Notable features: a mind for strategy, a deep knowledge of economics and safety and a penchant for criticism. An honoured member of the Misanthropist Society.

      Maj. Barret Sledgehammer

      A comrade in arms and military adviser. Famed for his fast reactions and brutal methods on the battlefield. A great tactician. Ambitious, energetic and with an explosive temperament. Has a bit of a thing for war.

      Dr. Victor

      Researcher, scientist, friend. A master of making measured decisions. Only interested in new technology and research. Doesn't get involved in non-constructive conversations.


      The Commander's vital assistant. Educated and resourceful. A master of conflict resolution and decision making. Not interested in politics or religion. Loads cannons, defuses situations.

      in battle
      Everything must explode

      Explode and burn! Loudly, brightly and with earth-shattering force! This is a battle of giant robots, not Hello Kitty Island Adventure 2.

      Various cannons, rockets, machine guns - all with their own unique firing and hitting visual effects. Important ingredients in the recipe for an exciting battle.

      And when the heavy robots stride onto the battlefield, things really get brutal.

      Want to blow it up?
      Click it!
      Dramatic battle

      Atmospheric surroundings: a world in the throes of catastrophe.

      The main characters — huge warrior robots

      Here we add visuals for weapons firing and the strike effects for various types of projectile.

      Refining the picture adds drama and depth.


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