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Data is our middle name, and we've got plenty of it! From hundreds of millions of gaming events to marketing campaign metrics and operational parameters, we've got it all. Our mission is to gather, process, analyze, and store this treasure trove to fuel our product development success. As we forge ahead, we're preparing for even more data and increasingly complex structures.

We're expanding our team and hiring a mid-level Data Engineer to skillfully develop and maintain our DWH and marketing analytics.

You'll be entrusted with
  • Building and maintaining data processing pipelines using Spark (Scala and SQL API), Airflow 2, Clickhouse, and Python.
  • Optimizing infrastructure (selecting the optimal memory size, cores, disks, instance types) for data processing tasks.
  • Assisting analysts in constructing complex data processing pipelines in AF2.
  • Organizing processes for systematic data collection from various sources and protocols.
Our future colleague
  • Has at least 2.5 years of experience working with data.
  • Has worked as a Data Engineer for at least 1.5 years.
  • Can confidently build ETL processes with Apache Spark.
  • Is skilled in orchestrating tasks using Apache Airflow.
  • Has a deep understanding of SQL and can work with Python code.
  • Has substantial experience working with AWS, specifically S3 and GLUE.
  • Has experience working with databases and optimizing queries.
What we offer
  • The stability of an international company.
  • The opportunity to work with a cutting-edge tech stack and a strong data engineering team.
  • In-house training from experienced colleagues.
  • Relocation to Serbia or another country, as per our agreement.
  • A relocation package and assistance with paperwork and residence permit processing.

Data Engineer

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